can we march to freedom…?

Can we change the world? Can we make a difference? Can we alter the course of history? And if so, can we do this by marching? What does this achieve? If we are to bring lasting change from the momentum created by marches, how could we best ‘steward’ the passion and unity of the moment, […]

Privacy matters

You don’t need to worry about internet privacy and security if you are not doing anything “wrong”, right? Err, wrong. So wrong. This is everyone’s concern, and we should all take the time to rexamine our internet / smartphone/ social media practices and platforms.   Recently I was prompted to look into Internet security, and […]

silence please…

   can we have a minute of silence for the thousands of drowned refugees – yes, all of them – not just the toddler whose body washed up on a beach and captured the attention of many… for a few days… also, a minute of silence for all of those thousands who will continue to make the crossing, […]

Less than

If you’re black, you’re less than me. If you’re a woman, you’re less than me. If you’re gay, you’re less than me. If you’re fat, you’re less than me. If you’re poor, you’re less than me. If you’re not from here, you’re less than me. If you don’t speak English, you’re less than me. If […]

Australia Day – no celebration here

This Australia day, I implore you: let’s stop and think about what we really believe in, what we would like being ‘Australian’ to really mean… And then let this inform how we speak, what behaviour and speech we tolerate around us, how we vote, how we raise our children… Australia day is a few days […]


I am shocked. They somehow managed to pass a law in Australia (without any of us noticing) making it compulsory to comply with the upcoming census – and you can be fined outrageously if you don’t fill it in ‘correctly‘. Where, rights to privacy, freedom, democracy, yadda yadda…??!!    Still reeling from the discovery that […]