I am shocked. They somehow managed to pass a law in Australia (without any of us noticing) making it compulsory to comply with the upcoming census – and you can be fined outrageously if you don’t fill it in ‘correctly‘.

Where, rights to privacy, freedom, democracy, yadda yadda…??!!

Still reeling from the discovery that our online ‘privacy’ is, well, NOT

I then discovered that you can be randomly summoned for jury duty – and forced to serve for weeks or months on a trial, even if it means you will lose your usual salary and perhaps even your job. Excuse me, and everyone simply accepts this as ‘doing your duty as a citizen of this fine country’? Who can afford this? What the??

It’s already bad enough that the right to vote has been legislated into a compulsory requirement, complete with fines!! Okay, so ‘freedom’ is now enforced, compulsory, an obligation? Somehow I don’t think that’s quite what ‘freedom’ or ‘democracy’ mean (except in ‘Orwellian speak’, ahem).

I find myself wondering, should I be relocating soon – to some place with a less invasive government – and if so, where?? Which countries still qualify as (mostly) democratic and protective of individual rights and freedoms?

I didn’t sign up for this – the citizenship ceremony I attended many years ago said nothing of blind, enforced allegiance to what has increasingly become a xenophobic police-state … Extolling the virtues of war, enforcing draconian bylaws in every square inch of the country…

You can no longer fart in your own bedroom in Australia without fear of not only offending someone a thousand miles away (because they’re listening in via your iphone of course) – but you may also be fined for being in contravention of some crazy law you never knew about..possession of unlicensed methane or something ridiculous…you dangerous non-compliant dissident, you….

Nothing disgusts the fascist state system more than an individual who remembers they are free… to think, to choose, to leave… or to stay and question?

Non-compliance. That’s what I suggest.

Conscientious objector.

I object to the objectification of human beings: brainwashed into celebrating cannon fodder; obediently ravenous consumers destroying the very environment we need to sustain us; social media addicts freely contributing our personal data to the Stasi of the future (well, actually, the now); mindless, neutered little voters and taxpayers – dutifully supporting a state that we all know no longer serves anyone but itself!!

‘Law abiding citizens’, wake up!! The laws are supposed to serve us, not vice versa!!

Today this seemingly harmless census, tomorrow….?


(for more on this see the following article: ‘if you’re worried about privacy you should worry about the 2016 census‘)

Images by Gray Malin, sourced here

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