World on its head!!

When leaders don’t lead but follow instructions from “experts”– whose technical backgrounds do not enable them to count the human cost

When “experts” no longer stick to their field of expertise – IT geek turns health adviser to the nations…

When financial “aid” is carefully designed instead to rob and enslave… on every level…

When “citizens” no longer know or care what responsibility citizenship entails, beyond blind obedience…

When Christians don’t show integrity or compassion… but stick their heads in the sand with the rest of the comfortable and complacent…

When the young have their lives prematurely curtailed, in order to “ensure the safety of the old”… Oh please, like economists and their government cronies ever cared about the elderly or the welfare of the vulnerable in general before…

When grotesquely unbalanced, skewed policy and draconian emergency measures are lauded and applauded by media and the very organisations once founded precisely to guard fundamental human rights…

When “rights groups” (note how they are never named or specified) agree with whatever the government says, and are hauled out by media simply to nod their agreement

When media simply function as the promoter of government messaging, and all investigative journalism makes way for the repetitive slogans of “this is the only way, the only way, the only way” .. and “nothing else happening today, today, today”….

The world on its head, on its head on its head… bring out your dead, your dead, your dead… (oh sorry I’ve wondered into Monty Python territory here- it really is all so unbelievably ridiculous!!) 🙃🙄😢

Click on links throughout this post to see references in many mainstream media sources – and expand your understanding of what is happening on many levels!

Comments and discussion welcomed

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