Journalism and TRUTH the first casualty…

To the New York Times, if anybody is still manning the ship…
I am so disappointed at the biased and inaccurate reporting I am seeing from the NYT these days! Coronavirus coverage has lacked any attempts at digging deeper – investigative journalism appears to have been the first casualty in this faux war!
I don’t like Trump, but the incessant baying about him is achieving quite the opposite effect for me now- I am starting to wonder if he may have a point or two worth listening to, since your paper is so over eager to cover up what he really said.
He did not, for example, advise anyone to actually inject bleach. That has been so taken out of context. Intentionally. It amounts to intentionally lying!! And one only has to look at your major funding sources to see why…
My frustration reached the point of feeling honour bound to write in, for what it’s worth, upon reading the frankly quite weird article this week by Maureen Dowd, “Live and let die, Trump style” – where she carries on about vampires and leeches.. then says Trump has sidelined Fauci because he is “no doubt consumed with jealousy and irritated by his honesty”.
Now I find myself wondering if perhaps all the editors have gone to sleep, in their new lockdown home offices – because no newspaper worth its insistence on subscription fees should allow such highly emotional and clearly biased assumptions to pass for “journalism”.
I know it is the opinion column but you would presumably not allow a rabid Trump supporter such latitude, even in that section.
Again, let me just reiterate. I don’t even like Trump. Can’t understand how such a person ends up as US President. But thank goodness, I live in Australia, so I can afford to be idealistic still, and expect at least an attempt at unbiased, professional coverage of the world news.
Otherwise I would have stuck to our Murdoch-owned version of reality over here.
I know one person’s letter means little to the grand old NYT .. but nevertheless, I wish to register my disappointment and shock at witnessing such a regression in your standards and ethics!
I also don’t think I will subscribe to this anymore. I will redirect my search for good journalism in other directions once again.

Comments and discussion welcomed

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