Hope for Africa

Africa is often seen as a ‘hopeless continent’ – in political and economic discussions a certain tone is adopted, which is patronising and mostly assumes the worst. As if somehow African countries, and African people, are facing issues particular to that part of the world – issues that cannot or will not be resolved due […]

Less than

If you’re black, you’re less than me. If you’re a woman, you’re less than me. If you’re gay, you’re less than me. If you’re fat, you’re less than me. If you’re poor, you’re less than me. If you’re not from here, you’re less than me. If you don’t speak English, you’re less than me. If […]

Simplify, Steward, Serve…

It’s a new year (already 6 weeks in!) and once again I am reminding myself of my basic ‘mantra’ for sustainability… When we talk about sustainability, it’s not just about ‘the environment’ – it’s about people too. We are inseparable and totally dependent on the natural world. But more than that, without social justice and […]

Australia Day – no celebration here

This Australia day, I implore you: let’s stop and think about what we really believe in, what we would like being ‘Australian’ to really mean… And then let this inform how we speak, what behaviour and speech we tolerate around us, how we vote, how we raise our children… Australia day is a few days […]

‘Ogres are like onions’

That little phrase is from Shrek of course – and together with the following quote, pretty much summarises what I am about to say in this post: ‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle’ – John Watson (aka Ian MacLaren) People can be terribly irritating, frustrating and just plain annoying. Yes, […]

Mind the (gender) gap

Boys and girls are different. From the start. Certain biological differences cannot be denied, and these certainly guide our development, our perception of the world, and our identities. But current gender stereotypes are restrictive, limiting, one-dimensional, boring… and even in some cases harmful. My main point here is that parents (and society in general) go […]