future cities videos

Here are links to a few videos and presentations discussing the opportunities and challenges of Future Cities – by Richard Palmer, a key contributor to this site:

Adding Vocabulary to the City’s Story – a picture of story-telling and the magic of design at TEDx Cape Town – ‘The City 2.0’, 2012

Future Cities: Buildings that Talk to each Other – an Australian thought leader panel discussion via Eyelevel site  (courtesy of WSP Asia Pacific and Eyelevel), 2013

Water:Sewer:Power:Food – Thoughts on integrated urban infrastructure at TEDx Cape Town, 2011 

Richard Palmer:


I am an engineer by training, a consultant by profession and an ecologist at heart. I am employed by the WSP Group to provide design services on green buildings and urban sustainability projects though the global WSP Future Cities initiative.

My approach to urban sustainability is founded on collaboration in the fields of design, research and education. I believe integrated urban infrastructure is central to delivering our future cities and providing resilient responses to the social and environmental challenges we face.

More on Richard available on LinkedIn 

Comments and discussion welcomed

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