research papers

Here are links to research papers on a variety of topics, which are the background to my articles and freelance research offerings – all research is published on this website under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license.

Climate change and Sustainability discourse:

10 Reasons most people aren’t listening to arguments about climate change (or any other change you want them to make)

Climate change in the media (Does the current discourse regarding climate change enable effective action?)

‘Sustainability’ discourse (From the ‘4 pillars’ of sustainability to systems thinking approaches, ecofeminism and permaculture)


Community and Peace building:

Building for community – future cities

Peace building – deeper, wider, higher

Expanding Human Rights – from individuals to communities


Africa-  peace building, discourse and gender:

Peacebuilding in South Africa

Does empowering women require a new language?


Asia- sustainable community development and human rights:

Human Rights and ‘cultural relativity’ in Myanmar/ Burma

Participatory development and capacity building in Vietnam

Sustainable community development and Vietnam


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