What we do – Research | Communications | Facilitation


Peaceful Preferred Futures provides research services relating to communication, change management, peace building, community building, sustainability and future cities.

A research portfolio covering sustainable development, human rights, peace and community building in Asia, Australia and Africa, is published on our website under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license.

Bespoke research is provided on an hourly rates or lump sum fee basis (please contact us for further details).


Peaceful Preferred Futures provides communications services through four channels:

· Authoring – producing communication or training material, reports, technical documents, etc.

· Review and Editing – reports, technical documents, training materials, etc.

· Training and workshops – facilitating change management; or envisioning and consideration of peace and preferred futures outcomes (based on systems theory and back-casting tools); or building stakeholder awareness and engagement in sustainability and peace related topics.

· English as a Foreign language -Professional level- with TEFL qualified instructor.


Our main aim is to facilitate transformational thinking, and transition to new ways of seeing and relating to the world. This is essential in order to dream, dialogue, design… then create and shape our peaceful preferred futures together.

Facilitation is different to ‘teaching’ or ‘implementing’ or other ‘old school’ ways of bringing about personal and social change – and this ethos flows through all of the above service offerings: research, authoring and editing, workshops, training, communication services and/or change management.

Previous projects have included working with National and Local governments in South Africa, Renewable Energy investors, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – addressing sustainability and climate change policies, renewable energy solutions and tariffs, communications about all of these, change management, and social justice concerns. Now based in Australia, with local and global capacity.


Comments and discussion welcomed

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