Complaint of bias, disrespect and inaccuracy to ABC (Australian public broadcaster)

My complaint submitted to ABC about the article: “How coronavirus ‘changes the game’ for the anti-vaccination movement” BY ARIEL BOGLE, MICHAEL WORKMAN AND STEPHEN HUTCHEON, posted on on SUN 31 May 2020 From the ridiculous, inaccurate and overly dramatic opening line: “as humanity waits impatiently for a vaccine”… one can tell instantly this is…

Sydney ‘siege’, and scattered thoughts on ‘terror’

Some scattered thoughts on ‘terror’ this week in the aftermath of the Sydney ‘siege’ – when people were held hostage for 16 hours in a cafe in the city by a man claiming links to IS (‘Islamic State’) – closely followed by a horrific massacre of 145 school children in Peshawar, Pakistan by the Taliban….